Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Training
… Helping you create a life worth living
   ***Comprehensive, 16-week Series begins Saturday, January 27, 2018!***
Two-hours of skills instruction per week, plus one hour open skills support
This 16-week skills training program is based on curriculum developed by DBT founder, Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D. DBT is an evidence-based therapy that will help individuals increase mindfulness, ability to manage distress, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. Individuals will learn how to decrease interpersonal chaos, emotion/mood dysregulation, impulsiveness, confusion about self, obsessive/ruminating thoughts, negative self-talk, and more.


Addiction Education

Many of us, if not all of us, have addictions of one kind or another. For some it may be to certain addictive foods, for others it may be caffeine or alcohol. Either way, these are harmful substances to both the mind and body and over-stimulate the reward pathway, causing our neurons to maladapt and become dependent on these chemical substances. A New Direction Recovery & Wellness teaches ways to overcome your addictions to harmful substances or behaviors, not by removing them, but by replacing them healthier, non-addictive alternatives. 

Overcoming Guilt & Shame

A little bit of stress, known as eustress, is referred to as positive stress because it stimulates people to meet life's challenges and demands and is good for our well-being. However, too much stress, such as distress or chronic stress, can have the opposite effect on us and actually impedes our physical and emotional health and causing daily upsets in our lives. Two of the most common distress emotions include guilt and shame. Guilt reminds us of the wrongs we've done or perceived we have done; shame tells us that we feel embarrassed, remorseful, or even unlovable. 

Guilt and shame reinforce poor habits and behaviors, which becomes counter-productive. This class is available based on demand, and provides a set of guided self-exploration activities to aid participants in learning ways to cope more effectively with guilt, shame and their repercussions. 

Addiction & The Brain
Overcoming guilt and shame
Group Therapy Meetings

Join us for group therapy meetings in the evening for emotional processing and to work out deep emotional issues or substance abuse problems with a support group  guided by a professional clinical mental health counselor.

Group Therapy Meeting